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Fitted Loft Wardrobes

Fitted Loft Conversion Wardrobes for Loft Room, Attic Room & Awkward Spaces

Maximise your attic bedroom's storage with fitted wardrobes for loft conversions. The unique shapes of loft rooms, like sloping ceilings, angled walls, alcoves, and eaves, can make finding suitable furniture a challenge. Our custom-designed fitted wardrobes are the ideal solution, fitting perfectly into any loft space and offering ample storage for your clothes. No matter how awkward your loft's shape is, our fitted wardrobes will make the most of every inch of space in your loft conversion.

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Maximising Space and Value with Loft Conversions

Looking to expand your living space without extending your home's footprint? Consider a loft conversion! This simple and cost-effective solution can provide the extra room you need, whether it's for a guest bedroom, a luxurious master suite, or a dedicated home office. Even better, a well-designed loft conversion can also increase the value of your property.

At Metro, we specialise in creating fitted wardrobes that perfectly fit the angled ceilings and unique layouts of attic spaces. Our wide range of designs, from modern to traditional, ensures there's something for everyone. Explore our extensive collection of Loft Storage Solutions to find the style, design, and storage options that suit your needs. Join us as we become one of London's top manufacturers of loft-fitted wardrobes!



Smart Attic Wardrobes for Compact Spaces

We offer practical and functional attic wardrobe storage ideas for UK homes with limited space. Our wardrobes are designed to maximise vertical space in attic bedrooms, where sloping ceilings and angled eaves can pose a challenge for furniture placement. These wardrobes are a perfect solution for optimising living arrangements within a home that lacks extra space. Our Wardrobe Doors for Sloping Ceilings ensure your bedding items stay organised while also enhancing room security.

They are especially useful in loft conversions, where built-in wardrobes seamlessly blend with the modern and sophisticated interiors of today's homes. Choose from a range of bespoke attic wardrobes that cater to homes of all sizes and shapes. With our expertise, we can help you find the ideal wardrobe to suit your space requirements. Enjoy a clutter-free and stylish attic bedroom with our smart attic wardrobes!


Transforming Awkward Spaces into Practical Loft Storage Solutions

Many homeowners face the challenge of awkward eaves, which are too small for traditional wardrobes but shouldn't go to waste. That's where our bespoke loft storage solutions come in. Our team of experts can design and create custom wardrobes that perfectly fit your loft space.

Our custom-made loft wardrobes are designed to make the most of your eaves. Whether you need hanging rails, shelves, storage compartments, pull-out drawers, or even shoe racks, we can create bespoke wardrobes that are both convenient and beautiful. These wardrobes go beyond just storing clothes; they can accommodate a variety of belongings that you would typically keep in your loft. Whether it's seasonal clothing, skiing gear, camping equipment, luggage, or tools, our loft conversion wardrobes offer convenient and practical storage.

We ensure that each loft-fitted wardrobe is tailor-made to suit your space, lifestyle, and specific needs. Our goal is to transform these tricky loft spaces into fully functional areas, adding significant value to your home.

Experience the benefits of our innovative loft storage solutions, designed to make the most of your available space and enhance your living environment. Say goodbye to wasted space and hello to a clutter-free, organised home.


Loft Wardrobe Installation

Design and production aren’t the only challenges when it comes to fitted loft wardrobes. Installation is just as important – impacting the appearance of your loft’s built-in wardrobes, as well as the long-term structural integrity. If you’re investing time and money into beautiful fitted wardrobes for a loft conversion, you want them to stand the test of time, which is why the installation has to be done right.

Thankfully, Metro Wardrobes has a fully trained team of wardrobe installers in-house. With their skills regularly updated, there’s no need to contract a separate installation team or put up with little niggling issues due to subpar installation. That also eliminates any risk of miscommunication, as you’re getting everything you need from one trusted company.

Once your 3D wardrobe design is approved and production is signed off, our installation crew will arrange a date that suits you – then arrive fully equipped as and when expected. Before starting, protective sheets will be laid in your loft to avoid any damage during installation. Then it’s onto the fitting, with drilling and cutting completed on site.

Rest assured, all internal features will be installed based on your exact requirements, so you don’t need to lift a finger. After installation, our team will clear the area, allowing you to check that you’re 100% satisfied with the results. You’ll then receive a certificate for your 10-year product guarantee, giving you complete peace of mind as you enjoy your loft’s built-in wardrobes.

Fitted Attic Wardrobes by Metro

At Metro Wardrobes, we specialise in creating custom furniture that fits perfectly in homes throughout London and nearby areas. Our range includes wardrobes designed specifically for attic rooms, along with a wide selection of attic wardrobes and furniture for living spaces.

By using advanced technology in our fully automated factory, we achieve maximum efficiency, reducing production time. This means that your loft space can have a fitted loft wardrobe installed within just 21 days of placing your order.

From the moment you get in touch, you’ll recognise the quality and care that goes into everything we do. Visit the showroom to see for yourself! Alternatively, why not book a free home design visit, request a brochure or simply get in touch for a chat? We can’t wait to hear about your project!

People Also Ask

What are loft wardrobes?

Loft wardrobes are wardrobes that are designed specifically for lofts or attic spaces. They are tailored to fit the unique shape and dimensions of loft spaces, making the most efficient use of the available vertical space. Loft wardrobes are typically designed to maximize storage capacity while maintaining a sleek and organized appearance.

How can loft wardrobes benefit my home?

Loft Wardrobes provide an effective storage solution for utilizing the often underutilized loft or attic space, allowing you to make the most of every square inch of your home. They can also help de-clutter and organize your living space, providing ample storage for clothing, shoes, accessories, and other items. Additionally, loft fitted wardrobes can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, as they can be customized to match your interior decor and style.

Book a free design visit and work with your own personal designer to bring your loft storage vision to life.

Are loft wardrobes customisable to fit my specific needs?

These wardrobes can be customised to fit your specific needs and requirements. Our professional designer can work with you to create a tailored solution that maximizes the storage capacity of your loft space while taking into account your individual preferences and lifestyle. You can choose from various materials, finishes, colors, and storage solutions to create a loft wardrobe that perfectly fits your space and style.

How do loft wardrobes compare to regular wardrobes in terms of storage capacity?

Loft wardrobes are designed to optimize the storage capacity of loft spaces, making use of the vertical height of the loft while accommodating the sloping ceilings and irregular shapes often found in attics. Compared to regular wardrobes, which are typically designed for standard room heights, loft wardrobes can offer significantly more storage capacity as they make use of the full height of the loft. This can be especially beneficial in smaller homes or spaces where storage is limited.

Are loft wardrobes easy to install and maintain?

Metro’s Loft wardrobes are installed by professional fitters who are experienced in working with loft spaces. The installation process may require some customization and adjustments to fit the unique characteristics of your loft, but our skilled fitter can ensure a seamless installation. As for maintenance,  regular cleaning and dusting, may be needed, but overall, our loft wardrobes are designed to be durable and long-lasting.

Can you build wardrobes for awkward spaces ?

Metro is experienced in designing and manufacturing wardrobes that are tailored to fit awkward spaces such as sloping ceilings, alcoves, irregularly shaped walls, narrow or tight spaces, and awkward corners.

Installating a wardrobe for this kind of spaces required professional help and that’s where metro’s experienced installation team can help you. Book a free design visit and maximize your space with your designer.